Popular Solvent Blends

  • TS-4 Lacquer Thinner

TS-4 Lacquer Thinner is a balanced solvent combination formulated for use with CSI Lacquer, Sealers, and Undercoaters. You can use TS-4 Lacquer Thinner to thin CSI lacquers, sealers, or undercoaters as needed for specific applications or equipment. Also recommended for clean up of equipment used in applying CSI lacquers, sealers, or undercoaters.

  • TS-85 Lacquer Retarder

TS-85 Lacquer Retarder is formulated for use with CSI Lacquers, Sealers, and Undercoaters to reduce blushing.

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Available Sizes

3A Lacquer Thinner Drums
TS-4 Lacquer Thinner 1’s, 5’s, Drums
TS-16 Washoff 1’s, 5’s, Drums
TS-28 Washoff 1’s, 5’s, Drums
TS-35 Glaze Reducer 1’s, 5’s, Drums
TS-36 NGR Stain Reducer 1’s, 5’s
TS-85 Lacquer Thinner 1’s, 5’s, Drums
TS-123 Silicone Solution 1’s, 5’s, Drums
TS-130 Washoff Remover 1’s, 5’s, Drums
TS-237 Stain Base 5’s, Drums
TS-584 Screen Wash Drums
TS-1793 Low <3% HAP Thinner Drums
TS-1813 Low <10% HAP Thinner Drums
TS-1818 Low HAP Washoff Drums
TS-1877 HAP’s Free Washoff Drums
TS-1903 HAP’s Free L Thinner Drums
TS-1920 M/C Free Strip 1’s, 5’s